3 years done, “The Study” stretches ahead of me, ready to commence? and I look back

to 3 years ago, a study defined and laid out, I thought it was good but it was not

each stone was laid out and as I moved forward, large chunks of stone would fall away

one block would crumble, unnoticed, until oh! that’s right

I did have a different plan, didn’t I, not that long ago, was it.

I would look up, look ahead, see down other paths and observe

other paths already laid before me and ones that had merged

and I realize again and again little details, small adjustments to be made

maybe embellishments that just… make more sense along this path.

I speak with others and new ideas emerge

sometimes my vision and their visions differed

and I only realize later, when new designs are drafted

red markings on the page would say, I thought you said…

so it morphs, yes it does, doesn’t it.


What Kind?

I planned to teach, to train, to intervene many children

but no, just a few

but no, let’s not intervene, let’s assess

so I will instead test and test and test

I will describe and explore and lay new ground for future work, and that will be good.


What Measure?

I will teach morphemes, I said, yes, the mean-ing-ful and the intent-ion-al

in lists and tests and the manipula-tion of morphemes

and will this help a child to learn to read, will it?

but wait, there are also phonemes, the p-a-r-t-s of w-or-d-s

and an awareness of these p-ie-c-e-s, these parts, I will measure this.

No, I will not teach, no, but instead it will be convers-ation-al

and I will write it all down and find morphemes within…

And reading, well, it will be real words and fake words

no, also speed and accuracy!

and understanding whole sentences, it will

no, no speed and accuracy, no time, not needed, scratch that.



oh so many different children with abilities to hear

through the ear through the cochlear machine through the what?

ok, no cochlear machine, narrow the focus

only the aid that makes sounds louder but does not recreate sound, new sound.

and how old? yes, older, like teenagers

no no no, that’s not right, younger, youth

well, child, yes fresh in school, learning to read, that is right, that is good.


But do you see? it’s not just me, it could be you

and you too will lay out your foundation and breathe a sigh of completion

then time will pass and plans will change, that’s ok

our thoughts will revise and reimagine and refresh, that’s even better.

Don’t hold tight to your plans, keep moving forward down that path

it’s okay if the path behind you crumbles, adjusts, is reinforced behind you

it will all make sense in the end, the path may be more narrow yet stronger

it may split into several small tracks, it may suddenly merge with another

a path will become more than just a path, it will build a journey and a destination

or lead to new paths, nay, we will build networks that link to other paths

it will all make sense, we will make sense of it all.

And so it continues, and morphs, and changes

I have a dream!, a vision, a fledgling plan

ask me tomorrow, what is my plan?

we shall see, won’t we.



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