Is it enough to just lower my head into the wind?

Stand, alone, as the breeze streams through hair desperately pinned

Must I lean, strain, block out the din

Of expectations and writing and perfection so as to win



There are many attempting to break through the din like me

Who also want that sweet, sweet position as a clinical researcher who is free

To explore the questions that come to me

It’s time to get to know my fellow wind-breakers and them, me


Let truth be told,

One, I must know who is fighting the fight

I must listen to their stories, their needs, do for them what is right

I cannot push through a wind that is not their plight

Do I seek a truth that need not be told?


In fact,

Two, a researcher cannot act alone or she’s trapped

Into a solitary quest when so many are willing to interact

On similar thoughts and ideas, towards a common pact

At a time when teamwork is what earns the contract


It is true,

Three, others must know about me, like you

As you read of the journey I am mingling through

On the chance that you know of a post with a better view

Where all of our questions are the very ones I may pursue

After the dissertation is due


Those who have trod the ground before me

And broken the wind ahead of me

And look back to see me

Pushing through


Students and fellows,

Knowledge-seekers and gurus,

You with experiences lived, you who manage the crew

Share this journey with me, get to know me as I meet you

We must get working, on networking

For the real world to know, be known and break through.





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