I am taking an online course on Time Management (offered by Mitacs Step here in Canada), which included a section on Project Management. The exercises are really useful and I would encourage anyone who has to coordinate any sort of large project to look into project management tools and techniques.

My first attempt at drafting out the Phases and subsequent Work Packages for my PhD study goal:

Work Packages - PhD


What do you think? Am I missing anything crucial?

The next exercise required that I list out the different activities involved in one of the work packages. I chose the work package that is next on my agenda (Measures within my Study Design phase) and added notes on which groups of activities should be completed when over the next year.

Activities for Measures Work Package

Activities for Measures Work Package - B

This is just a first, quick draft of using these techniques. I plan to do this for the data collection phase once I get closer to its implementation. It really seems to set my mind at ease to know that I have a plan and that it is broken down into manageable steps.

It is suggested that you plan out the phases, work packages and activities into a timeline showing concurrent activities and duration. I may end up doing that on brown paper up on my wall in my room. If I do, I’ll share it here!


Photo header credit: http://www.mpi-magdeburg.mpg.de/2857307/project-management



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